We love bees, and we believe everyone would share this sentiment if they only knew how wonderful bees are!

All photos this page taken on campus by bee-photographer extraordinaire Shang-Yao (Peter) Lin.

To raise awareness of the beauty and diversity of wild bees, we give occasional public talks on bee ecology (see list of past and upcoming talks below). We have also been non-destructively sampling pollinators on the uOttawa campus to learn more about the surprising diversity of bees to be found even in highly disturbed urban settings – and about which plants these bees like to visit (see species list below).

We are members of Wild Pollinator Partners/Partenaires des pollinisateurs sauvages, an Ottawa-area network of pollinator enthusiasts.

Upcoming public talks

Stay tuned!

Past public talks

21 July 2020. “Découvrez une partie de la diversité des abeilles sauvages du Canada” avec Cécile Antoine. Webinaire hébergé par la Fédération canadienne de la faune / Canadian Wildlife Federation.

15 July 2020. Live chat and presentation on “Bees of Gothic” with Jessica Forrest, part of the “remotely curious about science” series at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. Information on the accompanying Field Science Challenge and video link here.

4 June 2020. “An Introduction to Our Wild Pollinators” with Jessica Forrest. Zoom webinar hosted by Elbow Lake Environmental Education Centre and Queen’s University Biological Station.

13 Jan. 2020. Science Café: Bees in the Wild and in Your Backyard. Event with Jennifer Baker (Sierra Club Canada) and Jessica Forrest at 5 p.m. at the allsaints event space, 330 Laurier Ave. W., Ottawa, ON.

7 Sept. 2019. A Wildlife-Friendly Gardening Event (including guided tour), with Sarah Coulber, Eleni Scharf, and Jessica Forrest, at the Canadian Wildlife Federation’s headquarters, 350 Michael Cowpland Dr., Kanata, ON.

8 July 2019. Wildflower Festival Dinner with a Scientist (with Profs. James Thomson, Jessica Forrest, and Rebecca Irwin) at the RMBL’s billy barr community center, Gothic, CO.

26 April 2019. “Secret Superheroes.” Jessica Forrest and Jeff Skevington (AAFC) presented on Insect Pollinators at Ben Franklin Place as part of the City of Ottawa’s Wildlife Speaker Series.

8 March 2019. “For bees or not for bees? Native and non-native floral hosts in an urban landscape“. Lydia Wong presented as part of the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ Arm Chair Travellers series, at the Mississippi Mills Public Library Conference Room.

12 May 2018. “An introduction to our native bees”. Fletcher Wildlife Garden, Ottawa, ON.

19 Apr. 2018. “The factors shaping bee-plant interactions”. Ottawa Entomology Club, Ottawa, ON. Presented by Megan McAulay and Manuel Sevenello.

2 Aug. 2017 “The private lives of our native bees – talk and walk”. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON.

4 Apr. 2017 “The private lives of our native bees”. Macnamara Field Naturalists’ Club, Arnprior, ON.

18 Feb. 2016 “Mason bees in the mountains: Costs and benefits of warming temperatures for insects at high elevations”. Ottawa Entomology Club, Ottawa, ON.

10 décembre 2014 « Une abondance d’abeilles », Conférence des fêtes, Université d’Ottawa, Ottawa, ON.

13 July 2014 “Native Pollinators in Our Gardens”, Mountain Roots Food Project, Crested Butte, CO

20 June 2013 “An Introduction to Our Native Pollinators”, Adult Education Program, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, Crested Butte, CO.

List of wild bee taxa observed on the main uOttawa campus

Note that most are identified to the genus level only; without being collected (killed), most bees cannot be reliably identified (by us, anyway) to the species level. 

  • Agapostemon
  • Andrena
  • Augochlora
  • Augochlorella
  • Bombus bimaculatus
  • Bombus griseocollis
  • Bombus impatiens 
  • Bombus ternarius
  • Ceratina
  • Halictus
  • Heriades
  • Hylaeus
  • Lasioglossum
  • Megachile
  • Melissodes (?)
  • Osmia
  • Peponapis pruinosa