Lab positions

Undergraduate job opportunity (part-time) in plant-pollinator-microbe interactions

Opportunité de travail (temps partiel) pour étudiants de premier cycle sur l’interaction entre plantes, pollinisateurs et microbes

The Forrest lab is looking for a highly motivated undergraduate biology student to join its team, working on plant interactions with pollinators and microbes, starting in fall 2020. The selected candidate will assist a PhD student for about 8-10 hours/week with an experiment measuring plant evolution in response to pollination by bumblebees and the presence of microbes on flowers.

The research assistant’s main tasks will consist of:

  • Helping grow plants in a greenhouse
  • Helping take care of bumblebee colonies
  • Performing bumblebee pollination and hand pollination in flight cages
  • Helping maintain microbes and inoculating flowers
  • Taking morphological measures on plants

The ideal candidate would be motivated, meticulous and organized, with some background knowledge of plants, insects, and/or microbes, and experience managing databases. Work conducted for this project could form the basis of an undergraduate honours thesis.

If you are interested in the position, or for more information, please contact Dr. Forrest (French and English speakers welcome) and include a CV and transcript with your message.