Forrest Lab 2016-2
The lab in April 2016
Front row: Emily, Vinko, Jessica F., Sarah C., Regan; back row: Megan, Stephanie H., Anna (Thuong), Peter (Shang-Yao), Stephanie R; present in spirit only: Jessica G., Gail
Photo by Antoine Morin

Principal Investigator: Dr. Jessica Forrest

We study the evolutionary ecology of plant–pollinator interactions. Our research explores how pollinators and animal-pollinated plants are coping in a world that is getting hotter and more densely populated by humans. We are also interested in some basic aspects of bee biology and pollination ecology (click here to learn more). Current student projects deal with floral evolution, effects of climate change on bees, the role of wild bees in crop pollination, floral host selection by solitary bees, and interactions between bees and their parasites and commensals.